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Programme Facilitator: Mrs Lorna Blackman


Telephone: (345) 623-0578

Programme Overview

The Dual Enrolment Programme proves to be an excellent opportunity for Year 12 students to start gaining credits for the Associate Degree in their field of choice, before graduating from Clifton Hunter High School, John Gray High School or Layman Scott High School. Most students embrace this challenge and having a Programme Facilitator available to them makes it much easier.

Students gradually move through this transitional period from high school to the University College of the Cayman Islands and show growth, not only academically, but also in their maturity. This process takes time and by the second semester this change is quite evident.

Each morning students meet in a designated room for registration, updates, and important reminders. Daily announcement is always posted on the whiteboard and students receive information through emails.

At times during registration, students are honoured to have various faculty members to share with them. This not only brings about a closer connection between faculty and students, but also inform students of the many opportunities available at UCCI. Professionals from the private sector are also invited to share with them, exposing them to a wide range of career choices.

Therefore, for these students to be successful, UCCI has established a 1st Year Track accompanying a selected Associate Degree plan, to significantly ensure a greater chance of success and transition into college life as a year 12 option for public school students.

The Year 12 Dual Enrolment Programme/Foundation for Success track is comprised of compulsory courses intended to establish a proper basis in English & Mathematics as well as tools for survival throughout the college path. ENG 99 and MAT 99 provide students with the necessary foundation to adequately transition into College Composition I and College Algebra. It will also provide students with the necessary substance for subsequent courses throughout their degree plans. COL 100 (Introduction to College and Survival Strategies) offers students the tools and strategies that they will be able to utilize throughout college life. It prepares them for what to expect as well as how to maneuver through challenges faced in college.

The Foundation for Success track places emphasis on the first 2 semesters and the 145-summer session at UCCI. These are found to be among the most critical times in a student’s tertiary career. Success in these three semesters/sessions can significantly set the pace for the remainder of a degree pathway. Along with compulsory courses, students will also enroll in others that follow their selected Associate Degree plan.

Students will also be required to meet with academic advisors throughout the semester as well as representatives from the Student Services Department and their Programme Facilitator. These various meetings will ensure that students are utilizing all the available resources at the University College, as well as cooperatively monitoring their academic progression throughout these semesters. In addition to following outlined courses, advisement and attendance, students will also be required to participate in community service project(s) throughout the year. Our goal is to ensure that all students realize their fullest potential and are given the best opportunities to achieve success at UCCI in the pursuit of academic achievement and the development of good citizenship.

Regular Updates are sent to students, parents/guardians informing them of important information and students are reminded to wear the assigned DE Uniform each day as stated.

Two (2) Parent/Student General Meetings are held at the beginning of Fall Semester and Spring Semester. During the three (3) semesters, meetings are held with individual students with/without parents or guardians and Programme Facilitator. Mid-Term grades and final grades are discussed. All students must have the minimum GPA of 2.75 to be granted the Local Government Scholarship at the end of their Dual Enrollment Year.

DE Students are expected to follow the UCCI Code of Conduct Guidelines as well as Yearly Guidelines for Dual Enrollment Students. Failure to do so could result in a meeting with the Disciplinary Committee at UCCI as well as the student’s parent/guardian.

For five (5) consecutive years students participated in the Cayman Finance Education and Work Experience Programme, as well as KPMG UNI 101 University Preparation Initiative for 2 consecutive years. These programmes continue to play a vital role in the development of our students and provide excellent information and opportunities for them.

Acceptance Criteria

1. Year 11 public school students can be accepted into the Foundation for Success associate degree programme track, only if they have met the minimum acceptance criteria of 5 external exam passes of grades I, II, III /A, B or C in CXC/GCSE/IGCSE (2 of which must be Math & English A, at the general level, with passes at grades A or I). Students who do not obtain the required levels will be enrolled in preparatory Math and English course(s), in which they will be required to earn a minimum B grade, before being permitted to enroll in college level Math and English.

2. Year 11 public school students cannot participate in the University Entrance Examination nor use it as a means for acceptance.

3. Year 11 students will also need to complete a Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) Year 12 Dual Entry Programme Form and gain the necessary approval.