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DAN 100 Performance Technique

This course is designed to strengthen technical skills in Dance and build on the foundation of modern contemporary and folk tech- niques. It will increase the students’ dance vocabulary with added emphasis on artistic presentation and performance. Students will develop respect and appreciation for folk genres generally. The students will perform at least one major concert each semester. Professional representation of UCCI will be guaranteed. This course may be repeated twice for extra credits.

1 Credit

DAN 110 Dance Composition

This course is designed to introduce the principles of structure and form that inform all artistic development. It will facilitate students’ obser- vation and comprehension of the progression that takes them from conceiving and refining an idea to improvising, shaping and ultimately performing. Students will participate in lectures and practical activities, observe and evaluate their work and that of their peers and view the works of other choreographers, in order to learn the art of critiquing and gain knowledge of and insights into the composition process.

3 Credits