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MGT 201 Introduction to Management

This course examines the origins of contemporary management theory and its significance in today’s globally connected business environment considering that the organisational performance is dependent on its managerial function, operation, style and environment. This course provides a practical introduction to the theories, concepts, skills and attitudes of successful management in organisations, and provides a solid foundation for advanced studies in pertinent areas.

Prerequisite: BUS 201 or HOS 210

3 Credits

MGT 260 Human Resources Management

This course gives an overview of both the theoretical and practical aspects of personnel administration in contemporary organisations. It covers the role, function and behaviour of personnel administration. Topics include recruitment and selection, training and development, and dismissal and disciplinary procedures.

3 Credits

MGT 330 Air Transport Management

This course introduces students to the core areas of air transport management, including airline and airport operations, marketing, planning and economics. The course is offered as an elective at the bachelor level and is suitable for students undertaking business, management and tourism programs. People who may be considering a career in the air transportation industry will find the course beneficial for local and international employment.

3 Credits

MGT 331 Organisational Behaviour

This course investigates the impact and effec- tiveness that individuals, groups, and structures have on behaviour within the organi- sation. It hopes to encourage a greater level of awareness of, and sensitivity to, the organisational factors and management processes influencing the behaviour and performance of people at work.

Prerequisite: BUS 201

3 Credits

MGT 403 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

This course introduces the learner to the processes of new venture creation and the critical knowledge needed to manage the business once it is formed. Topics include strategic management, marketing plans, e-commerce, financial planning, and basic operations.

Prerequisite: : MGT 331

3 Credits

MGT 404 Management Internship

The purpose of this practicum is to give students a work-environment learning experience in which they will utilise their analysis and problem-solving knowledge in the functional area of management.

3 Credits


MGT 405 Operations and Project Management

This course provides up-to-date information on how good project management and effective use of software can help you manage projects. The course is also intended to prepare students for management opportunities in service firms, which represent the fastest growing sector of the econ- omy. Students will study service operations management from an integrated viewpoint with a focus on customer satisfaction. The material will integrate operations, marketing, strategy, information technology, and organisational issues.

3 Credits

MGT 431 Strategic Management and Marketing

This course looks at creating an inspiring organisational vision as well as techniques to carry out a strategic mission to enhance future growth and sustainable prosperity of the enterprise. Students learn techniques, like SWOT & PEST, to forecast likely future conditions in order to anticipate potential challenges and future business opportunities, including opening new markets, developing new product lines and the innovation of whole new industries.

3 Credits

MGT 432 Business Ethics

This course provides an overview of the ethical issues impacting business decision-making at the domestic and international levels. Topics emphasised include ethical theory and business practice, corporate responsibility, business regulations, acceptable business risks and issues in international business.

MGT 331

3 Credits

MGT 434 Talent Management

This course covers the modern theory and best practices in human capital management. It equips all potential managers with leadership competencies needed to recruit, hire, deploy, develop and manage the personnel that are needed to carry out the mission of an organisation. The course is intended for all individuals who might one day be responsible for leading other employees within an enterprise, as well as for those individuals who want to specialise in human resource management through further graduate level studies.

3 Credits


MGT 444 Independent Study in Management

This course involves an independent study and critical research in some area(s) of management. The specific content and assessment will be decided by the lecturer.

Prerequisite: Approval of lecturer and department chair

3 Credits