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Financial Aid (Scholarships, Grants & Work Study)

What is Financial Aid?

•All colleges and universities offer financial aid. The amount of financial aid one can receive is dependent on a few factors.

  1. Financial situation 

  2. Cost of tuition

  3. Your year in school and your enrollment status.

•Financial aid helps students and their families by covering education expenses, such as tuition and fees, books and supplies.

Types of Financial Aid

•There are two main types of scholarships that students may be eligible for: merit-based scholarships or needs-based scholarships.

  1. Merit-based scholarships award students for outstanding credentials. They award high achieving students who excel in academics, arts, and athletics. They do not take into account a student’s financial situation.

  2. Needs-based scholarships award students who have a financial need. Students qualify for needs-based scholarships based on their family’s income and financial constraints.

Both college grants and scholarships are forms of financial aid that students are not required to pay back. Both may require that a student maintain a certain GPA to receive the money each year (if the aid is renewable), and may require an annual application.

Self-Help Aid: Work-study

•A job is provided to the student and the earnings can be used toward their educational expenses. Jobs can be located anywhere throughout the campus ands sometimes off-campus.

•A significant portion of work-study jobs are tailored to promote community service. Work-study is a needs-based program available to undergraduate and graduate students.

UCCI students are eligible for a variety of scholarships and awards funded by both government and private sources. Here are a few of the these.

Financial Aid Resources

  • Government

  • Private / Public

  • University

Click on the below links to learn more.

Cayman Islands Government Scholarship

Cayman Scholarships Directory

Grants, Scholarships or Work Study application process

Step 1. Complete and submit the Financial Aid application form

  • The application form must be submitted within the stated deadline and all required documents should be attached.

Step 2. Financial Aid decision notification

  • The Financial Aid committee will review all applications and notify the applicants within minimum of 10 working days.

Step 3.  Review and acceptance of Award

  • Review and confirm agreement of the terms of the Award. 

Financial Aid Timelines

Please visit our website for more information on timelines.

To register click on the following link

Financial Aid application