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HOS - Hospitality

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HOS 106 Introduction to Hospitality

This course is designed to give an introduction to the hospitality industry and appreciation of the scale and importance of the five key industry segments: Travel/Lodging, Meeting/Event Planning, Restaurant, Managed Services and Recreation. Analysis of the main industry components will be explored, developing knowledge of varying elements of the industry and the constraints under which sectors and services have to operate.

3 Credits

HOS 108 Food Preparation Basics

This course is structured to teach the fundamen- tal and basic concepts of culinary techniques and cookery to include the Brigade system, cooking techniques, heat transfer, sanitation, safety, equipment usage and maintenance, menu knowledge and professionalism. No previous culinary skills are required.

4 Credits

HOS 107 Food Safety & Sanitation

Food safety is an important component of public health. This course is based on presenting the basic principles and practices of food safety. We will be presenting information about how foodborne illness is transmitted, how it impacts public health, and how it can be controlled. The course will have four major components: 1) foodborne pathogens, 2) foodborne chemical and physical haz- ards, 3) foodborne biological toxins and allergens, and 4) the management activities required to ensure food safety and public health. This will include a discussion of food safety management practices such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), public health policies, risk assessment, sanitation, pathogen and allergen controls in foods.

2 Credits

HOS 209 Hospitality Internship Practicum

This is a work-based learning course which enables students to develop practical skills, relate theory to practice and to gain a sound base of industrial experience by working – on a paid or voluntary basis – for a range of organizations within the hospitality industry. In addition, this course seeks to develop ‘employability skills’ to assist students in progressing towards a career in hospitality.

3 Credits

HOS 210 Fundamentals of Foodservice Management

This course examines the various requirements, processes and concepts in the management of food service operations. Topics will include marketing concepts, facility design considerations and the importance of quality service and product to a foodservice operation. The course explores management issues and concerns in foodservice operations such as financial management, safety and sanitation requirements and guest relations.

3 Credits

HOS 221 Introduction to Hotel Operations and Management

This course provides an overall understanding of the organisation and functions of major departments within contemporary hotel operations. General operating procedures and management processes, concerns and issues will be examined. The course gives an overview of tools that are used for decision-making in hotel operations and management, such as finan- cial statements, forecasts and budgets.

3 Credits

HOS 252 Hospitality Financial Accounting

Application of financial accounting prin- ciples to the hospitality industry; Uniform System of Accounts for restaurants, hotels, and clubs; completion of the accounting cycle for hospitality operations; transactions related to payroll, inventories, receivables, and payables for the hospitality industry.

3 Credits

HOS 253 Tourism Planning & Development

Study and evaluation of travel and tourism and its economic and cultural impact on society. Examination of the forces which influence domestic and international tourism. Component parts of tourism man- agement and interrelationship of meeting planning, travel systems, food and lodging systems, tourist attractions are reviewed.

3 Credits

HOS 200 Hospitality Sales and Marketing

This course introduces the principles, concepts and systems utilized in the marketing and sales areas within the hospitality industry. An in-depth analysis of marketing strategies and theories will aid in a holistic appreciation of the scope and importance of the marketing and sales functions in the hospitality business.

3 Credits

HOS 255 Food and Culture

An understanding of culture can be discovered by explor- ing eating and drinking customs. Students experience a virtual global tour, exploring culture, history and traditions through the lens of wine and food. Students acquire a sense of the customs of their culture and those of others. Through comparison, observation, discussion, and reflection, students discover something found in all cultures: the importance of food and drink.

3 Credits

HOS 256 Hospitality Supervision and Leadership

This course focuses on the principles of good supervision and leadership as they apply to day-to-day hospitality operations. Topics include recruiting, selection, orientation, compensation and benefits, motivation, teamwork, coaching, employee training and development, performance standards, discipline, employee assistance programs, health and safety, conflict management, communicating and delegating, and decision making and control.

3 Credits