HIS - History

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HIS 120 Caymanian Society

This course focuses on the history, economy, govern- mental structures and processes, culture and social structure of the Cayman Islands.

3 Credits

HIS 121 Survey of Caribbean History

This course covers a broad survey of key themes in Caribbean history to the present day. It will focus on the Caribbean region, with particular emphasis on the British West Indies. Topics to be covered include: discovery and settlement, slavery and the slave trade, emancipation, immigration and emigration, economic development, drive towards independence and growing links with the United States.

3 Credits

HIS 131 Modern World History

This course provides students with a greater under- standing of the political and social environment in which they live. It draws upon world events since 1945, looking specifically at two key themes: democracy and nationalism. The impact of these themes on the growth of many nations before and after independ- ence, especially in Africa and the Far East will be examined. The course is designed to be flexible, so as to adapt to any events currently in the news.

3 Credits

HIS 132 Caribbean Civilisation

This course seeks to define, question, and analyse civilisation – and its subsidiary themes – as applied to the Caribbean. Placing emphasis on the six ‘tracks’ of civilisation, HIS 132 traces the intertwined historical, social, intellectual, political, ecological, and cultural developments in the Caribbean from pre-European conquest to the present multicultural, globalising age.

3 Credits

HIS 303 History of Modern China

This course explores the history of modern China from the collapse of the imperial order to the present. It puts into context China’s continuous transformation and emphasises political, cultural, social and intellectual developments.

3 Credits