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HRM 301 Personnel Management

This course provides the student with the basic legal concepts governing personnel management and fundamental practices such as job analysis, writing job descriptions, and defining job specifications. In addition, organising teams, delegating work, recruitment, selection and succession planning are integral components of the course.

3 Credits

HRM 303 Employment and Labour Law

In this course, students are introduced to Employment and Labour Laws relevant to the Cayman Islands and other significant jurisdictions, and given a comprehensive overview of the most important employment related legislation and how it shapes and influences the work place. The student will understand the concepts that enhance the ability to manage the legal aspects of employ- ment relations and avoid potential pitfalls. Specific reference is made to Cayman Islands Immigration Law and Labour Law.

3 Credits

HRM 401 Performance Management

This course introduces how to develop an effective performance management system to maximise employee performance. Course topics include systems thinking, setting objectives, constructive feedback, developing, communicating and linking organisational goals.

Prerequisite: HRM 301

3 Credits

HRM 403 Employee Compensation Strategies

This is an advanced course in the structure and reactivity of functional groups including aromatic compounds, carbonyl compounds, carbohydrates, organ metallic compounds, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, amines and amino acids.

HRM 401

4 Credits

HRM 405 Advanced Human Resource Management

This course focuses on a series of today’s important HR issues. Students will learn about strategic partnerships, the impact of laws, regulations and court cases; the global/international environment; corporate culture; analytical and measurement models; safety and security practices; workplace privacy practices; union and non-union environments; negotiation techniques; ethics; and investigations.

3 Credits

HRM 406 Research Project in Human Resource Management

Research is increas- ingly utilised by managers. This course allows students to further reflect on what human resource management is and its main and most current ideas. The student will then investigate a problem under the direction of a faculty advisor.

HRM 301; HRM 403

3 Credits