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SPA - Spanish

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SPA 101 Introduction to Spanish I/Lab

This foundation course introduces and reinforces basic grammatical structures, vocabulary and sound patterns, necessary for communicative competence in the language.

4 Credits

SPA 102 Introduction to Spanish II/Lab

This course reinforces material and skills emphasised in SPA 101 and provides additional structures, vocabulary and aural/oral, reading/writing practice to develop greater communicative competence.

SPA 101

3 Credits

SPA 215 Spanish Language and Culture

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a background to the development of the Spanish language. It will focus on the growth and spread of the language, giving students insights into the pre-existent cultures of the Hispanic countries and provide an overview of Modern Spanish in the Hispanic world.

SPA 101; SPA 102

3 Credits

SPA 251 Spanish Literature I

This course is designed to introduce the student to literary trends in Spain and Latin America. Several texts/excerpts/extracts from Hispanic writers will be used for critical analysis. Students will undertake detailed studies of set texts and authors.

3 Credits