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TOR 302 The Business of Tourism

This course will provide an understanding of the nature, appeal, structure, organisation and phenomenal growth of the tourism industry as well as of the role of tourism in the economic and socio-cultural develop- ment of a country. It will also examine closely the demand and supply issues in the var- ious sectors of the tourism industry, particularly the accommodation, catering, attractions and transportation sectors.

3 Credits

TOR 303 Visitor Attractions Development & Management

This course will explore the nature, role and influence of tourism attractions while outlining the implications for their development. It will also examine a range of management problems and issues associated with various types of attractions found in different environments, including rural, urban and coastal environments.

3 Credits

TOR 305 Introduction to Sustainable Tourism

This course examines such topics as the Rationale for Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Tourism in Practice, the Role of Policy and Planning in Sustainable Tourism Development Goals & Objectives, Tools for Sustainability, Carrying Capacity & Limits of Acceptable Change, and Sustainable Forms of Tourism.

3 Credits

TOR 307 Caribbean Tourism

This course outlines the historical development of tourism in the Caribbean region. It also examines some of the factors that have promoted its growth and expansion, as well as the critical issues that have faced Caribbean Tourism over the years.

3 Credits

TOR 400 Tourism & Transportation

This course aims to develop an understanding and appreciation of the relationship between tourism and transportation. It will exam- ine tourism transportation modes and the demand characteristics associated with these various modes, new technologies in transportation and their implications for customer planning and purchasing, and globalisation within the transportation sector and its implications for the tourism industry.

3 Credits

TOR 405 Tourism Policy, Planning & Development

This course will outline the importance of planning and policy formulation to the development of tourism and the management of tourism impacts in a country. Topics such as Tourism Planning Concepts, Levels & Types of Tourism Planning, Components & Forms of Tourism Devel- opment, Local & Regional Tourism Planning Processes, Tourism Policy, and Develop- ment & Design Standards, will be covered in this course.

3 Credits

TOR 406 Tourism Marketing & Consumer Behaviour

This course introduces stu- dents to the factors which influence consumer behaviour. It also outlines the role and nature of marketing, approaches to marketing planning, marketing segmentation, imagery and promotion in marketing destinations, and the value of market research.

3 Credits