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BUS 201 Principles of Business

This course provides students with an understand- ing of how businesses operate and the range of decisions facing both public and private sector entities. Students will gain an appreciation of the internal/external influences on business and investigate current trends. Topics include business planning, commu- nication, people in business, technology, re-engineering and marketing.

3 Credits

BUS 205 Business Law

This course provides students with an understanding of the legal environment within which US businesses operate, enter into business relation- ships, pursue their industrial and commercial activities, and achieve their aims. Topics include contract, tort, agency and company law.

4 Credits

BUS 225 International Business Practicum

This international field experience is an instruction and practicum course that will concentrate on the study of business activ- ities that are of particular importance to the Caribbean Region and focus on the essen- tial elements of sustainable economic development within the Region. Students will participate in specific classes, readings and research on the politics, history, economy, and culture of a selected country, plus Caribbean socio-economic development strate- gies. Students will then visit several private and public sector organisations during a one-week trip to that country, with pre-trip and post-trip activities planned to enrich the learning experience.

3 Credits

BUS 270 Business-in-Action

This course/internship provides the student with a Business-in-Action experience under the supervision of a faculty member in collabo- ration with a business entity. The course allows the student to apply his or her academic knowledge to obtain practical working experience in a real world working environment. This Business-in-Action Experience is experiential learning for credit taking place out- side the classroom and directed by an on-site supervisor and a UCCI faculty member.

3 Credits

BUS 280 Business in Practice

This capstone course provides the student with a practical opportunity to experience the challenges of an entrepreneurial start-up or existing business revamp under the direction of UCCI faculty members in collaboration with business professional mentors. The course will allow students to apply their academic knowledge to obtain practical experience in an entrepreneurial or intrapre- neurial working environment.

Co-requisite: MAT 215. Prerequisites: ACC 201; BUS 201; BUS 205; ECO 221; Second Year status (38 credits or more)

3 Credits