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ENG 101 College Composition I

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the essential writing skills required for university. College Composition 1 exposes students to a wide range of readings designed to foster their ability to think critically, analyse carefully, and express their thoughts clearly.

3 Credits

ENG 102 College Composition II

This course is designed to reinforce and enhance the skills developed in College Composition I, with emphasis on critical, analytical, and integrative thinking, on formal argument, and on general response to literary stimuli. Students will also be introduced to the classic elements of argument, as seen in the argumentative and/or persuasive essay, and in literary readings.

ENG 101

3 Credits

ENG 150 Fundamentals of Speech

The objective of this course is to enable students to design and deliver an effective speech, with a specific purpose for a particular audi- ence. Emphasis is on content, organisation, and delivery of informational and persua- sive speeches. This course will enable the student to be a better communicator in any speaking situation, by stressing those skills which are concomitant with logical, coher- ent and creative thinking.

3 Credits

ENG 151: Oral Communication

An introduction to the basic concepts of communi- cation including therapeutic communication. Students will develop an understanding of the theoretical principles of verbal and non-verbal interaction, applying these in a variety of communication contexts. The course is also designed to increase the student’s capacity to read material critically at university level, to improve concentration, reten- tion, analysis and interpretation of material read. Beliefs about reading are explored.

2 Credits

ENG 201 Caribbean Literature

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of the main trends of Caribbean literature and the major authors, themes and structural patterns. Study will emphasise the connections between the development of the literature and the evolution of the Caribbean cultural identity.

3 Credits

ENG 205 Introduction to Creative Writing

This course will provide students with a language-independent framework for learning core programming concepts and pro- gram design techniques. The course will give the student the foundation and under- standing needed in developing effective programming skills. Topics to be covered will include basics of programming logic, algorithm design and development, flowcharts, pseudo-code to the computer programming languages. In addition, programming concepts, such as structures, decision-making, looping, arrays, and files will be discussed.

3 Credits

ENG 211 English Literature I (The Middle Ages through the 18th Century)

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of the main currents of English literature from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century and to acquaint them with the authors and themes of the period.

ENG 101; ENG 102

3 Credits

ENG 212 English Literature II (The Romantic Period through the 20th Century)

This course develops the concepts and state- of-the-art techniques of object-oriented programming using a programming language such as C++. Students will undertake programming projects to implement various concepts and principles.

ENG 211

3 Credits

ENG 221 Survey of American Literature (17th through 19th Century)

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of the main currents of American literature from the settlement of North America through the Civil War and to acquaint them with the major authors and themes of the period, as expressions of an evolving “American experience.”

COM 110

3 Credits

ENG 222 Survey of American Literature (19th Century onwards)

This course provides an overview of the major issues and directions of American Literature, from the early 19th Century onwards, spotlighting classics of American writing across genres, with reference to a continuing analysis of the ever evolving “American experience.”

3 Credits

ENG 231 Business Communication

This course provides students with the essential skills in writing, comprehending and speaking, which are necessary for effective com- munication within the workplace. Students will develop the ability to understand and respond to business documentation used in a variety of business contexts.

ENG 101 and ENG 102

3 Credits

ENG 301 Advanced Writing Skills

This course develops mature critical reading and writing skills, based on cross-cultural, cross-genre materials and exposures. It also develops research skills while reinforcing integrated writing styles by focusing on argu- mentative, expository, narrative and descriptive writing strategies.

ENG 101; ENG 102

3 Credits

ENG 311 Research Methods and Report Writing

This course introduces the student to scientific research methods and covers the skills and strategies necessary for writing formal reports at the undergraduate level. The focus will be on appropriate structure, relevant content, and grammatical accuracy. Direction will be given for choice of title, introduction and subheadings. Relevant listing of quantitative versus qualitative pre- dictions [or hypotheses] for reports of a scientific nature and the collection of meas- urements into tables and graphs will be considered. The course will also include report writing across the curriculum.

ENG 102

3 Credits