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2019 Capping Ceremony

Director of Nursing: Ms. Quida Johnson-Shirley

E-mail: Telephone: (345) 623-0547


The School of Nursing supports the mission of the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI). In keeping with this, the mission of the UCCI School of Nursing, the premier provider of professional nursing education in the Cayman Islands, is to prepare students to be highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate professional nurses through committed educators, world-class technology and current scientific knowledge and pedagogies.

 Programme Goals

The goals of the programme are to prepare graduates capable of:

1.           Obtaining the title of Registered Nurse;

2.           Practising within the professional standards, legislation and values of the nursing profession;

3.           Functioning nationally and globally as beginning practitioners, committed to the total wellbeing of the patient system (individual, family and community), and as responsible citizens;

4.           Assuming leadership roles in partnership with patients and the health care team;

5.           Demonstrating accountability for personal and professional actions;

6.           Maintaining professional competence through lifelong learning.

 Programme Design

1.           The programme of study extends over four calendar years of full-time study. It is comprised of 133 credits accomplished over eight (8) fifteen (15) week semesters and four (4) summer sessions of six (6) weeks duration each.

2.            Sixty-four percent (64%) of programme offerings are professional core courses and thirty-six (36%) are cognate and support courses. Passes in all courses must meet the requirements of the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI).

•         Cognates                                           9 Credits/7%

•         Professional Courses                   85 Credits/64%

•         Support Courses                            39 Credits/29%

3.           Curriculum content is based on a life cycle approach. Themes woven throughout the course of study include critical thinking, wellness/health promotion, basic needs, factors influencing health, community resources, and development of self- care skills.

4.           The clinical nursing courses within the context of the Ministry of Health care delivery systems, service and philosophy, place emphasis on wellness/health pro- motion of individuals across the life span, families and communities.

5.           Clinical experiences occur in a wide variety of health care facilities, both private and public, where professional performance is expected and evidence-based prac- tice is encouraged.

6.           The students will gain competency through integrated theory and practice in the Islands’ health care facilities.

7.           The curriculum is designed to meet the mandatory requirements of the University College of the Cayman Islands and the Nursing Council of Jamaica.

 Programme Entry Requirements 

(Joint UCCI & the Nursing Council of Jamaica Programme Entry Requirements)

1.           Applicants must satisfy any of the following requirements:

a.       A minimum of five (5) or more CXC, IGCSE, GCSE passes (grades 1–3/A–C) or equivalent, including Mathematics, English and a pure science (Biology, Human and Social Biology). Among the five subjects: no more than 2 subjects at grades III CXC or C GCE. See list of approved subjects on following pages. Communication Studies, Mathematics and Biology in CAPE (grades 1–4) are also acceptable.


b.       The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Certificate with five (5) years relevant experience and an examination pass in Mathematics (CXC, IGCSE, GCSE), plus a recommendation from an employer;


c.        Students who have earned college credits and/or who have obtained a college degree from a recognised tertiary institution are eligible to apply to the BScN programme. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required. Students would also need to have passing grades in the compulsory subject areas of MATH, ENGLISH & BIOLOGY at the college level. Additionally, transferability of course credit hours will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may be awarded in accordance with UCCI’s policies and procedures

In addition, all applicants are required to satisfy the following:

1.           Minimum age of seventeen (17) years at time of entry into the programme;

2.           Submit an essay or personal statement as part of his/her application;

3.           Attend an interview.

  Approved CXC/GCE/IGCSE Subjects

Accounts; Agricultural Studies (double/single award); Business Studies; Caribbean History; Chemistry; Economics; English Literature OR Literatures in English; Food and Nutrition; Modern Languages e.g., French, Spanish; Geography; Home Economics Management; History; Information Technology (general/technical) OR Computer Science OR Computer Studies; Physics; Principles of Accounting; Principles of Business OR Management of Business; Psychology; Religious Education/Bible Knowledge; Social Studies OR Caribbean Studies OR Sociology.

 Progression and Retention

The progression and retention rules are detailed in the School of Nursing Handbook.


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing is awarded on successful completion of the programme of study. Graduates are eligible to write the Nursing Council of Jamaica approved and administered Regional Examination for Nurse Registration (RENR) to obtain the Registered Nurse title, a requirement for practising nursing legally. There is no intermediate award.