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TVET Courses

Technical, Vocational Education & Training (TVET) at UCCI

TVET Programs at UCCI offer career and vocational qualifications to students, post-high school and other industry workers while providing an alternative pathway for students whose needs are outside the current curriculum.

TVET at UCCI provides six key streams to enhance learning and future employment, or further study options for students.

The key areas include:

1.     Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

2.     Auto Repairs and Maintenance

3.     Electrical Installation

4.     Electro-technology

5.     Hospitality & Culinary

6.     Computer Technician

7.     Plumbing

  1. Construction Technology

In addition to our TVET Certification, we offer a wide variety of stand-alone courses, delivered over 7 to 14 weeks.

  • Courses include:

  • Cake Decorating

  • Conversational Spanish

  • English as a Second Language

  • Real Estate

  • QuickBooks

  • Fashion Design

                        **Plus so much more…

              Please speak to a UCCI Advisor for more details.