Programme Director: Paul Puckerin


Telephone: (345) 623-8224


The Department’s offerings are interdisciplinary and caters for a wide student audience from school-leavers seeking training for entry-level positions in their chosen field, and/or preparation for associate degree entry, to persons already in employment who are seeking a new career or advancement of their current status within their present employment sector.

•    The full-time day offerings for high school graduates include Accounting, Computer Systems, Electrical Installation and Construction, and provide a firm foundation for matriculating into an associate degree programme at UCCI if so required.

•    The part-time evening courses Fall into several categories: professional, vocational, academic and leisure and include Accounting, Air Conditioning, Building Systems Maintenance, Electrical Technology, Electrical Licensing Preparation, Construction Technology, Plumbing, Auto-mechanics, English, Spanish and Astronomy.


1.           To provide up to date, dynamic and effective education and training.

2.           To be responsive to the needs of industry, business and commerce by providing access to sound general and specialised education; training that is diversely multi- skilled – yet comprehensive enough to allow for functionality in different areas; and development of correct attitudes to work and organisational goals.

3.           To respond to the education and training needs resulting from Government’s social and economic plans and policies, as well as from the commercial and market forces that influence employment in the Cayman Islands.

4.           To provide training and qualifications in a structured manner that allows for articulation, mobility and transferability.

5.           To develop the vital workplace skills of Communication, Numeracy, Computer Literacy, and the ability to work effectively and safely with others.