Programme Requirements

course NUMBER/Name

MAT 098                                          Foundation Math

ENG 098                                          Foundation English

HOS 086                           Food Safety & Sanitation

CVS 001                            Quality Customer Service

HOS 045                                 Hospitality & Tourism Industry

PPD 001                               Professional, Personal and Work Place Development

HOS 077                            General Hospitality Rotation

COM 003                            Computer Literacy

ENG 099                                        Preparatory English

MAT 099                                        Preparatory Math

HOS 078                                           Hospitality Specialization Rotation

HOS 071                                           Hospitality Success Skills

HOS 073                            Food & Beverage Service – City and Guilds

HOS 072                           Reception Services – City and Guilds

HOS 079                                           Hospitality Specialization Rotation II

PPD 002                                        Professional Development Series

HOS 075                           Food & Beverage Practical

HOS 076                            Reception Services Practical

HOS 080                            Food Preparation Practical

Mathematics and English Placement and Exemptions

Course placements are assigned based on English and math scores as reported by CXC/ IGCSE. Placement may also be assigned based on college level math and English courses completed at UCCI or other accredited institutions.

The following sequence is suggested to complete the Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism. If this recommended sequence is not followed, the student is not guaranteed to graduate on time.

Fall I

Spring I

Summer I


HOS 086


ENG 099


HOS 079

CVS 001

HOS 045

PPD 001

HOS 077

COM 003

MAT 099

HOS 078

HOS 071


HOS 072

HOS 073

PPD 002



HOS 075

HOS 076

HOS 080