Department: Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

Mission Statement

 The Social Sciences through its Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees pro- vides interdisciplinary studies aimed at ensuring that students at UCCI fully understand human progress, gain depth and breadth in a variety of complex topics, and are thoroughly prepared to be positive contributors.

Social Sciences offers courses of study which challenge students to develop an understanding of the dynamics of individual and social behavior from a number of perspectives; provides the information needed to think critically, write scholarly, and identify salient issues so students can function as effective, productive citizens; and encourages critical reflection on social issues that have a bearing on the creative coexistence between the individual and the collective good.

 Goals and Objectives

1.         To facilitate the goals of the University College of the Cayman Islands and promote professional growth of faculty;

2.         To deliver social sciences courses and integrative electives required by the majors offered in Social Sciences;

3.         To provide students with an interdisciplinary education, which fosters critical and independent thinking through active learning opportunities;

4.         To ignite curiosity and passion, which establish a firm foundation for lifelong learning;

5.         To prepare students for informed responsible citizenship and the development of skills necessary to apply social sciences knowledge in the appropriate job settings;

6.         To equip students with openness to new ideas in all academic disciplines of intellectual endeavor, multicultural awareness, and an appreciation for diversity;

7.         To help students establish ethical approaches to test theories against evidence in dealing with complex questions;

8.         To stimulate the development of analytic skills when dealing with data, form independent judgements, and produce coherent written and oral reports;

9.         To introduce students to various research methodologies and theoretical frame- works within the social sciences, as well as familiarize them with library databases and internet resources that can be lifelong learning tools;

10.        To promote social change engagement within the wider Caymanian community.