Department: Math & Science

Division Dean: Tracey Hargrave

Associate Professor Email:

Telephone: (345) 623-0548


Mathematics and Science encompass a diverse group of faculty and students focused on the study of these disciplines. Mathematics is the universal language of the sciences and is essential to the technological evolution of our society. At UCCI, students will have an opportunity to encounter numerous applications involving contemporary and innovative approaches. Our aim is to train individuals in Mathematics and Sciences, both as courses in themselves and as disciplines that aid in the development of other social and scientific fields. In addition, students and faculty regularly collaborate with colleagues in other departments and institutions to foster truly inter- disciplinary approaches both in the classroom and in the environmental setting. 

Two majors are offered – an Associate Degree in Mathematics and an Associate Degree in Sciences. We offer transfer associate degree programmes in conjunction with other four-year colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, including a 2+2 program in conjunction with West Chester University in Pennsylvania, USA, leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in either Mathematics Finance or Actuarial Science.

Goals and Objectives 

1. Students will apply knowledge and skills to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

2. Students will think critically and creatively to solve problems.

3. Students will communicate ideas, arguments and practical experiences in a variety of ways.

4. Students will be equipped with the mathematical and scientific knowledge required to pursue further studies or engage with industry in an entry level position.

5. Math and science literacy will increase for all students, including those who do not pursue study in these disciplines.