Department: Business Studies


 Department Chair: Belinda Blessitt-Vincent

Associate Professor

E-mail: Telephone: (345) 623-0554


The Department of Business Studies seeks to provide quality tertiary level business education – one that develops strong character and also equips UCCI graduates with the core competencies and signature skills required by professionals, entrepreneurs and managers working in private businesses and public agencies within a modern global economy – to all students who are admitted to UCCI and who wish to prepare themselves for business careers within either the private sector or public sector.

 Goals and Objectives

The Department of Business Studies seeks to:

1.           Prepare future business professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, public servants and future community leaders;

2.           Enhance the instructional opportunities and career options for UCCI business majors;

3.           Increase the cost efficiency of the instructional delivery system for UCCI business studies;

4.           Be responsive to UCCI students’ learning needs and be 100% dedicated to UCCI students’ career success;

5.           Collaborate with local government and private sector initiatives to link learning to real world experiences and needs (learning by doing);

6.           Support and foster faculty scholarship, UCCI institutional development and academic research activities;

7.           Provide community service and share academic expertise with local policy makers and community leaders.