Department: Arts & Humanities


Division Interim Dean: Ms Terese Parker


Telephone: (345) 623-0526


The Division of Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Education is interdisciplinary in nature and seeks to develop students into people who are socially aware and intellectually capable of making independent judgments. The division aims at producing students who read critically and analytically, who are aware of contemporary and historical concerns through the study of history, literature, music, dance, languages, politics, psychology and sociology, and who recognise the aesthetic and social significance of the subjects offered by the department.

 Goals and Objectives

The division aims to achieve the following goals in meeting the needs of its students and faculty:

1.           to facilitate the goals of the university college and provide general education and integrative electives required by the majors and programmes offered, through the delivery of appropriate courses;

2.           to provide students with a liberal education and a base for future intellectual development;

3.           to prepare students to read critically, think carefully and logically, make sound judgments, communicate effectively and cultivate ethical values;

4.           to instill in students an appreciation of their own and other cultures, so they may have a better understanding of themselves and others;

5.           to stimulate students’ creative and intellectual curiosities;

 6.           to promote cultural and educational engagement of faculty and students with the wider Caymanian community;

7.           to promote professional growth of faculty; and

8.           to contribute to the growth and development of the University College of the Cayman Islands.